Calories and nutrition information for Sbarro products. Page 1. Nutrition facts and Information for Sbarro pizza: Cheese Pizza. Nutrition facts and Information for Sbarro pizza: Pepperoni Pizza.

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Meatballs Beef, pork, Italian cheeses, breadcrumbs, Italian spices. Click on any menu item to see additional nutrition information. Supreme Pizza Melted mozzarella, zesty pepperoni, Italian sausage, fresh peppers, mushrooms and onions. Chicken Vegetable Pizza Grilled chicken breast, crisp vegetables, melted mozzarella, tomato pizza sauce. The Jordan Peterson Diet: Penne alla Vodka Romano cheese, bacon, parsley.

A different dietary habit, a different physical quality? Eat slowly and stifle your smelling. Back Stretching Exercises Check out these helpful back stretching exercises that sgarro help prevent back injuries.

Nutrition Look Up Tool This searchable tool gives you all the nutritional values for the foods you eat. Mushroom Pan Pizza 1 Slice. The new SmartPoints are shown in the first column followed by the points plus values and then finally the original numbers.


Baked Ziti 14 oz. Meat Delight Pizza 1 Slice. Greek Salad without Dressing, 16 oz 16 oz. SmartPoints uses calories, saturated fats, sugar and protein to come up with the values. Beware the Master Cleanse Read our expose of the diet. Cheese Pizza 1 Slice. Copyright CalorieLab, Inc. The nutrition info and WW points are rounded to the nearest value.

Caesar Salad without Dressing, 16 oz 16 oz. Fruit Nutriton Watermelon, strawberries, grapes, kiwi.

Calories in Sbarro Meatballs | Nutrition, Carbohydrate and Calorie Counter

Grandma Pizza 1 Slice. Chipotle Pub Sauce Cup 1.

Pasta Milano Red and yellow peppers, broccoli, grilled chicken strips. Chicken Portofino Chicken breast, egg batter, zucchini, sherry wine, zucchini. Caesar Salad without Dressing, 10 oz 10 oz. If you don’t have javascript enabled, you will not be able to search, filter, sort or use the drop down menu. Caesar Dressing Pouch 1. Garlic Breadstick 1 Breadstick.

Mixed Vegetables Fresh zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli. Green Chile Pan Pizza 1 Slice. As CalorieLab’s blog says goodbye, our correspondent looks back on some stories he wishes he’d had time to cover, ranging from childhood obesity to fast-food marketing and more.


Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza

Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce, Romano cheese, Caesar dressing. For his last column for CalorieLab, Dr. Additional Articles SmartPoints Calculation Find out the math behind the numbers by reading this article. Fachs Primavera Salad, 10 oz 10 oz. This article may be helpful. Jordan Peterson and his daughter say they’ve gotten healthier, lost weight and cured their depression by eating a diet of mostly meat. Meat Delight Pan Pizza 1 Slice. Hot Menus Carl’s Jr.

Sbarro pizza: Cheese Pizza Nutrition Facts and Calories Full Report

Greek Sbarro Fresh spinach, black olives, feta cheese, red onions. Baked Lasagna 17 oz. What is the Jordan Peterson diet and is it something you should try? Greek Dressing 2 tbsp. Deluxe Carrot Cake Two layers of moist, nuts, cream cheese frosting, butter cream, carrots, walnuts. Mixed Vegetable, 10 oz 10 oz. Main Dish Breakfast Entrees Sandwiches.