From the Gungthang province of Western Tibet, close to Nepal, Milarepa ( ) had a hard childhood and a dark youth. He was only seven when his. Jetsun Milarepa (). Famed yogi and patriarch of the Kagyu lineage. One of the most famous yogis and poets in Tibetan religious. Jetsun Milarepa. Why We Practice the Dharma · On Attachment · Manifestation of True Mind · A Departing Aspiration Prayer · Equality and Seven Things to.

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To youthful maidens, love-songs sound sweet, but not prosaic sermons. What is important is that you have offered me your body, speech, and mind.

jeteun I’ll break it down for you. Milarepa finally told her his real feelings: He said that he was a student of Marpa’s, that he had come to take Dharma teachings from Lama Ngokpa, that Marpa had sent him, and that he had brought a ruby mala and bone ornaments from Naropa as confirmation.

We could analyze all these to discover the cause and conditions for their arising. I have been behaving terribly, and whatever you say I will be glad to do. Wikipedia has an article about: The fact that the pot was empty meant that he was going to have some problems with food during his practice in this life, but Marpa had filled it with melted butter and this meant that, in the future, his lineage would be very fruitful.

Once more Milarepa returned and reported to Marpa that he had fulfilled his command. Not far from where Marpa lived there was some open land in the middle of a village.


The Treasury of Lives

They called on many other lamas who did numerous prayers and performed many ceremonies, but nothing helped. You, on the other hand, are not as old as I.

The body has various experiences which are the basis for accumulating virtue or unwholesome karma, but what kind milarrpa karma it is really depends upon the mind. This is more than I can take.

Milarepa – Wikipedia

Yet in building this miilarepa my body is becoming nothing but a huge wound. If you remember, there was a piece of land nilarepa was owned communally and that the villagers had signed a piece of paper saying that they agreed that no one would build on this piece of land, but Marpa had not signed the document. He was led to Marpa the translator. The small portion that was not covered by the pot was also carried away, but all that was covered was saved, while the rest of the village was devastated.

Jetsun Milarepa Biography

What’s this person talking about? In other languages Italiano Polski Edit links. Then one generates bodhicitta, the mind of milareap, practices and dedicates any virtue for the benefit of all sentient beings.

They can even eat the bones, which indicates that they milatepa a lot of fire in their bodies that allows them to digest anything. The aunt and uncle agreed to carry out these wishes, and having settled his affairs, Sherab Gyaltsen died.

Milarepa bowed to Lama Ngokpa from a distance.

His mother was filled with happiness. His wife is full of compassion and kindness but if I show them to her, she would probably think I am proud of all the work I’ve done. Wikiquote has quotations related to: It is often through faith and devotion that the true nature milatepa the mind is discussed. So, Milarepa milarela chosen to receive the Dharma from Marpa and provide himself with food and clothing.


Why are you going out and plowing the fields? When I was plowing the field, that was milxrepa way of going out meet you. And in order to obtain the precious Dharma, I must build this house. But he came to regret his actions, and looked for help in shedding the bad karma he had acquired during his vengeful adolescence.

Maha Siddha Jetsun Milarepa – Picture of Tibet Travelers, Lhasa – TripAdvisor

Now if there are milafepa in this village who wish to harm us, please come forth. Marpa said to him: While Marpa was in India, Naropa had also prophesied to him that Milarepa should go back into retreat and pointed out a particular cave.

I will practice Dharma. He was so disappointed he said: There was a festival coming up, a grand ritual celebration, and Dagmema had made some beer, actually very strong beer, which she gave to Marpa during the ceremonies. You must go to a solitary place in the mountains and practice in retreat to slowly purify yourself of these negative actions.