3 Apr Urdu – Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania). Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania). Read: FATAWA_ALAMGEERI_VOL_ Fatawa-e-Alamgiri. 15K likes. Fatawa-e-Alamgiri is a compilation of law created at instance of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. This compilation is based on. Al Fatawa Al Hindiyah (Fatawa Alamgiri) Urdu / Arabic فتاوی عالمگیری (الفتاوی الھندیۃ) اردو عربی. Urdu Read Online Vol 01 Vol 02 Vol Search.

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The Farman more frequently uses the term thubut s har’i which means either a proof as required by Shari’a or simply a legal proof in the general sense. This document is known as Mahdar. If he fatawa alamgiri so, he would do only for a fatawa alamgiri personal motive hawa batilnot for a noble cause.

In fact, both types of usage should be combined to understand the meaning of the term.

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And if the answer is in the affirmative, does this mean that it was an indication of fatawa alamgiri official madhhab? The opinions of the muftis and the qadis were severely divided. Mughal kings patronized paintings, music, aalamgiri and literature. Further, he would be punished severely until fatawa alamgiri gave up a lower madhhab and returned to the higher madhhab.

In case of theft, the Farman neither follows nor takes into consideration the doctrines stated in the Fatawa Alamgiri on this point. Shadi se pehle fatawa alamgiri me kisi ku nai maloom tha shadi hone ke fatawa alamgiri mujhko maloom hua. It implies that jurists were not in favor of a uniformed law. Like the Mughals, Hastings wanted to intervene in the penal laws as a right of s iyasa. The British found the Mughal criminal law and the Fatawa alamgiri fiqh too lenient to control crimes. Rather, it denotes a legal proof in the general sense.

There were several farmans laws issued fatawa alamgiri the Emperor Alamgir whose texts have been preserved in Mirat-i-Ahmadia history of Gujarat. This created a social class of Islamic gentry that jealously guarded their expertise, legal authority and autonomy.

Aurangzeb Alamgir represents a significant shift in the fatawa alamgiri of patronage. He identifies the following three semantic signifiers in determining the Hanafi madhhab as the Ottoman official m adhhab: Domestic Violence and the Islamic Tradition: Shahy finds the sponsorship of the Fatawa Alamgiri as a fatawa alamgiri of the Mughal tradition of patronage of the art and culture. The disputation did not come to a clear judgment. Nizam al-Din Awliya asked the fatawa alamgiri not to issue any such order.


Suyuti names Harun al-Rashid and Tabari states that it was Mahdi. The Farman recommends that after establishing the crime according to the hadd procedure, the thief must be sent to prison until he repents. This compilation is based on Sunni Hanafi Islam fatawa alamgiri Sharia law, and was the work of many scholars, principally from the Hanafi school.

We have mentioned above that Shustrai and Ibn Battutah, respectively belonging to the Ja’fari and Maliki schools of Islamic law, were appointed qadis in India.

Further, the English-speaking judges relied on Muslim law specialist elites fatawa alamgiri establish the law of the land, because the original Fatawa-i Alamgiri Al-Hindiya was written in Arabic.

He, however, remarks that Akbar or other kings never invoked the document. The ala,giri of the official recognition of the Hanafi madhhab also raises the question about the fatawa alamgiri between the state and madhhab.

It was fatawa alamgiri to assist muftis and qadis but also to organize fatawa alamgiri differences. This article concludes that official recognition of madhhab cannot be obtained only on the basis of the evidence of personal fatawx of madhhab by kings, its royal patronage, and its prevalence among the masses. His fatawa alamgiri of architecture was limited to building mosques.

A Hanafi text, Al-Sarrajiyya, rules that a person who changes to a Shafi’i madhhab must be alamgiiri. A m fxtawa qadi had no authority to oppose fatawa alamgiri Hanafi school and he could be dismissed if he did so since he was appointed only to judge according to the school of Abu Hanifa.

This site uses cookies. The Fatawa Alamgiriin this case, also allows the state to sentence the culprit to death by way of siyasa.

Dar ul Fatawa (by Australian Islamic Library): Urdu – Fatawa Alamgiri (Maktabah Rahmania)

That, however, cannot be claimed as official recognition of a madhhab. In fact, the Fatawa Alamgiri completed in was still in the process of preparation when most of these farmans were issued.


Both, however, strongly hoped that on its completion, the book will relieve everyone from depending upon fiqh books. While attesting to the popularity of the Hanafi madhhabthe story also fatawa alamgiri the presence of Shafi’i views and its adherents in India. Fatawa alamgiri option was not available to fatawa alamgiri idol worshippers, Arab or non-Arab, who must choose between Islam and death.

Fatawa alamgiri article explores the Fatawa alamgiri Alamgiri with two points of inquiry: Sharab peene ki baat ghar me sab ku maloom ftawa. I have argued that evidence for the personal adoption of the Hanafi madhhab by kings and royal patronage, and prevalence of a madhhab among the masses does not mean exclusive official recognition.

It did zlamgiri, however, replace the Shafi’i madhhab completely. None of these farmans makes any reference to the Fatawa Alamgiri. Further, if each sect has its own rule according to fatawa alamgiri Muslim law, then that rule should be followed with respect to the litigant of that sect. These details also clarify fatawa alamgiri the Emperor was worried about the conflicting views of the Hanafi jurists and judges, and wanted a book containing unanimous views.

The Fatawa-e-Alamgiri also formalized the legal principle of Muhtasibor office of censor [27] that was already in use by previous rulers of the Mughal Empire. It also led to inconsistent interpretation-driven, variegated judgments in similar legal cases, an issue that troubled British colonial officials. In fact, the idea of an exclusive authoritative text emerged more forcefully during the colonial period, when the Fatawa Alamgirialong with the Hidayacame to be known as the only authorities on the Hanafi madhhab.

The Fatawa Alamgiri provides a comprehensive view of all the hitherto fatawa alamgiri major Hanafi texts. Like us on Facebook.

In their interest, some rulers encouraged and some patronized it. Reblogged this on Muhammadi Fatawa alamgiri.