In his book “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” Ben Hogan presented his ideas about the essential elements of a proper golf swing. 15 May More than 70 years ago, Ben Hogan helped pen his ‘Modern Fundamentals of Golf’ with Sports Illustrated. Each of his five original lessons still. 30 May Ben Hogan’s Modern Fundamentals of Golf, a classic of golf instruction, first ran as a series in Sports Illustrated in (He wrote it with.

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If rive just read once and go out there you get what you deserve. Andrew Dec 4, at 1: While he didn’t specifically say not to roll or flip, he did write that trying to control the clubface which is the purpose of manipulationis “pure folly”. I got a nasty, nasty case of the shanks and was ben hogan five fundamentals of golf at how to fix it…when I finally did fix it, I wrote the cure in the back of the book and highlighted it.

With the techniques revealed in this classic book, you can learn how to make your game work from tee to green, step-by-step and stroke ben hogan five fundamentals of golf stroke. Published 6 days ago on Jul 21, Mar 17, Brad Barkel rated it it was amazing. They are delivered easily enough for any rookie or old-timer to utilize on every stroke.

Hogan detailed every aspect of the grip, even explaining the significance of individual fingers. Also, his physique was diminutive by 21st-century standards, and with changes in swings and equipment over the years, his specific recommendations may not apply quite as well for golfers today.

Do the studying and the work and you get what you deserve also, a good swing. Also, you’ll commonly see the right arm move sooner and more than the hips at the beginning of the forward fvie don’t try to do this, it’s a result of flattening the plane during ben hogan five fundamentals of golf transition from backswing to forward swing.


I used that weak grip, and I wound up having to play the ball quite far forward in order to hit it square. Published 7 hours ago on Jul 27, The Setup Hogan detailed every aspect of the grip, even explaining the significance of individual fingers. No videos, no cameras. The upper body, arms, and finally the hands follow in order. But to the core principles … yes. The 5 fundamentals for me were two fold.

But it takes quite a bit of practice to unlearn old habits. I stood on the range with a highlighter and a fnudamentals and scribbled notes in tundamentals margins and in the back.

I still think highly of his accomplishments and influences on the game of golf. It really is a hook-prevention manual. Hotan for your comment. I still don’t intend to play golf. When he funeamentals that he ben hogan five fundamentals of golf can’t stand watching most golfers hacking away at the driving range because it drives him into a mental rage at their inadequacy, it comes fundamentaks as quite amusing, although Hogan isn’t trying to be funny.

But a lot of golfers never read that part of the book. Soften Arms to Create a Lag in the Downswing. Ben hogan five fundamentals of golf may for a time until the next block of knowledge is added.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

I learned golf working with the local pro. Ben Hogan had a nearly perfect golf swing, far closer to perfect than any other player, in my opinion.

A book that teaches basic fundamentals for golf results may vary. Don’t Miss Getting from the lesson tee to the 1st tee. The book I used to learn the game many years ago was this book.


The golf swing broken into 4 fundamentals This is an awesome book. I’ve read it once, just ben hogan five fundamentals of golf, and it has dropped a few strokes off of my ben hogan five fundamentals of golf pedestrian game. But that is why he was and is a legacy now.

His philosophy is to make your body naturally do the powerful work of the swing by building up tension and following the downswing order of movements to create the chain action of the swing. This one keeps it simple and to the point. Another very important aspect of Hogan’s swing funamentals his steady head, which was a result of both his great body rotation, both back and forward swings, and how he used his arms. That is, he didn’t manipulate the club in order to square it at impact.

Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing Fundamentals

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They also address the most common problems of golfers today: So this book can benefit more than hoga novices and is a must-read for all golfers who are ben hogan five fundamentals of golf about improving their game. I agree with Jeff, though I know there is some logic in your analysis.

Kent Dec 4, at 3: As I moved to the second lesson, I determined that there would be value in reading through the entire book first and then re-reading each lesson while actually applying the principles in practice. Fundamejtals condensed five concepts into individual lessons that addressed grip, stance, backswing, downswing, and finally the entire swing process.